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Improving Lives

Free access to trusted digital information.
Free Access For All

Free access for all

We provide pop-up web solutions. Giving everyone access to vital information and services.

  • Low energy. Deploy anywhere.
  • Multimedia Webpages.
  • Any device. Even basic phones.
  • Free at the point of use.
  • Access information faster than 4G.

Trusted content at 4G+ speeds by any device with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or FM radio..

The BluPoint Platform

At it's heart is the BluPoint Hub, connected to the BluPoint Cloud. Delivering smart content updates and communication. Anywhere.
The BluPoint Hub & Cloud



Enables educators to distribute learning materials to both teachers and pupils.

Learn More About our Education solutions


Local, trusted healthcare information at the point of need.

Learn More About our Information solutions for Healthcare


Humanitarian response, action, emergency aid and disaster relief.

Learn More About our Humanitarian response solutions


I'm 64, I hate technology, but what you have shown us today has got me excited. This technology WILL make a massive difference. I know that.
Happy teacher ~ Durban School teacher, July 2016

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